Monday, February 20, 2006

I Quit Gen Y

Hey guys i should fill you in more. Se what happen is Alex did not want me on Gen Y any more. He said i was not funny and stuff like that. Being the fans you are sending e-mail posting comments Gen Y let me back on show. I did a show with them they are boring i was almost falling asleep doing the show. So I am so happy that i did quit becuase i would never want to be part of podcast that is boaring to people thanks guys and really i don't never want to go back go Gen Y. Also i just did a #2 of The mab631 show with Tony Tankoff he is very funny. So i just have to edit back together but the way the day and the week is going i don't know when it will be up but get ready for #2.

Friday, February 10, 2006

No longer a part of Gen Y

Hey guys i just want to tell you i am no longer a part of Gen Y. I was willing to do the show but Alex and as he says the viewers said that they did not want me on the show. So with that being said i to say that i am on the Leoville Town Square Podcast which i think is a better podcast anyway so just to let everyone know. Also please e-mail, leave comments on there site if you think this was wrong of them to let me go. Thanks guys ohh and a new mab631 Podcast should be out any day now!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

The first The mab631 Show is OUT!!!!

Thats right its out I will improve on the next one if this is not as upbeat as it might sound but don't warry like I said on this show I just need to find my grove and BAM we got a good show so here it is

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

No more mab631 BLOG podcast its Now The mab631 Show

Ok so heres the deal becuase of me working with Gen Y and I have had no time for my blog podcast which could be a good and a bad thing so one i am going to fill you in on what i have been up to and what will be ahead now you will not have to change a thing if you Subscribe to my podcast now you will not have to change a thing even though the feed says mab631blog the name will change to The mab631 Show yes its lame but the show has changed as well. First off no more boaring of me taking and fill you guys up on tech thats whatsnewintech and Gen Y are for. Yes i spend like 5 mins filling you in on tech whats the next you might say well says just the REST of the world. Yes i have been listening to Howard Stern A LOT. I have bought up the idea to my boss chris (Gen Y) and Nick ( lets just say they liked it or kindof liked it. Me being Howard Stern ok now this is podcast so guess what i can say anything I WANT this is going to a very Explicit podcast ohh yea and there might video but most likey. So you might be saying ohh no or yes yes not another dam tech podcast! All i can say is i have learned over the 1 year of podcasting and will not start this one without a logo and intro. I might have a cohost i might not but that i will choose. E-mail for feedback i really want to here it trust me this is bigger then it seams!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Whats New in Tech Podcast!!!

Yes me and best friend Nick have strated a new podcast called Whats New in Tech! You can check out the site at You can subsribe to the podcast here You can e-mail us feedback at I also wil be editing these shows so they do sound a ton better and with Nicks new mic we both sound great! So enjoy!

Friday, October 07, 2005

mab631 Videos #2 is out in wmv high,med,low

Hey guys this video is how to get pics off my lg vx6000 should work fine with vx7000 and 8000 and any phone that works with Bitpim.

Wmv High
Wmv Med
Wmv Low (Did not come out that good)

Wmv High
Wmv Med
Wmv Low (Did not come out that good)

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Testing Odeo Out

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